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Hello there.


   Hi. I finally made a decent structure for this. I dont know if im going to use this as my personal blog, or make other site specifically to that, but here is.

   As a first post, let me introduce myself. I am a programming student that likes writing and studying a mix of politics, economics and psychology. I hope to make some decent text to bring here.

   Actually i am reading A.G. Sertillanges' "The Intellectual Life", a catholic book about living to the mind vocation. Even though i'm not a christian, but an agnostic, i appreciate some concepts of the christianity and think that because many of them are shared with other philosophies, like stoicism and the search of a simple life, we can conclude that various lines of thought converge into superior concepts, just like many scientists studying the same thing by different ways can reach the same conclusion.

   Doing this site engages me on doing something. Although i have some study, generally i can't do the things i must do in the day so i procrastinate, regret and suffer. But i believe that seeing the refined result of a well executed effort can make us better in general, so here i am.